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15 years USA/Canada one-stop services
Focus on USA/Canada door to door services
First Class” Nvocc” Freight Forwarder
Over 10 Shipping Companies And Airlines Company Directly Cooperation, Enough Space , Low Price.
USA Customs Broker For 20 Years Experience
Keep Your Cargos Customs Release Smoothly.For Now We Keep Released Rate 99.99%
Strong Trucking And Delivery Network
Working With Drivers In Cities Across The Usa,Provide Delivery Service To Any City
Professional Logistics Staff Team
Most Of BSL's Employees Have More Than 5 Years Of Logistics Experience, Provide Professional Services To Customers
our advantage
  • U.S. Sea Shuangqing to Gate

    According to the customer's cargo situation, the company will work out the best transportation plan for the customer, and China and the United States will join forces to provide one-on-one, ticket-to-vote, individual customs clearance and delivery service, minimize travel time, and provide fast feedback.

  • U.S. Air Freight Double Clearance

    Provides customs clearance service from China to the United States major airports, strong customs clearance, faster than express delivery, but better tariffs

  • U.S Amazon FBA to the door

    Provides Amazon FBA delivery service for each country, erecting a bridge for cross-trade electricity providers, making transportation no longer an obstacle to e-commerce, and providing multi-national FBA Amazon tax package Shuangqing delivery service, convenient transportation, and low prices.

  • US tax package delivery line

    Provide special-line delivery service for more than 40-50 countries, specifically for bulk cargo, small cargo to create channels. If shipping, airfreight, and courier are too expensive, you can try our sea freight tax package, I believe you will have unexpected surprises.

about us

Shenzhen Beisheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen with a registered capital of 5 million. It has the qualification of NVOCC (NVOCC: MOC-NV08184) approved by the Ministry of Transport, and is specialized in international shipping, international air transportation business, comprehensive logistics, warehousing, customs clearance and other related shipping companies. After years of hard work, the company now has a professional team with rich experience and professional logistics, and has good industry standards and guarantees of credibility. At the same time, we have a relatively complete freight service network in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen and other major ports.


BSL logistics is the first level international freight agency (NVOCC NO.:MOC-NV08184) which was approved by the Ministry of Commerce

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